Corporate Policy

Our Vision

To be the European lead when it comes to sustainment of Bandvagn-ATVs.

Our Mission

To support our customers having the needed vehicle availability throuout the life cycle.

Our Strategy

1. Develop and expand our customer base, domestic as well as international

2. Maintain a close and trustful long-term relationship with our customers,

    partners and suppliers

3. Fulfill all releveant requirements, especially legal, normative and

    customer requirements

4. Enhance financial performance

5. Inspire and develop a diverse workforce to drive success

6. Economical and considerate behavior towards the environment

Our Strategic Priorities

Continuously improve competitiveness and efficieny

Always add customer-value to ensure highest customer


Maintain and grow

our business

Continuous improvement

of our quality

management system

Our Values

• Trusted • Open-Minded • Outcome-Oriented •