Concept Vehicles

„The future is depending on what you are doing today.“

Mahatma Gandhi already knew at his time that stagnation is regression. Consequently the defence sector is also depending on a constant outlook into the future and the development of technologies that could be entering serial production at a later stage. 

With this background, BAE Systems Hägglunds has been showcasing many concepts on the leading trade fairs such as Eurosatory, DSEI or IDEX which have been introduced in today’s series vehicles.


SEP – Splitter shielded standard platform

A concept presented in the 1990s which was focussing on hybrid drives, camera-based controls and modularity. Last mentioned can be seen in the recent CV90 Armadillo with its mission-specific, exchangeable modules, the hybrid drives are being sampled in civil use.

Sensor-based camouflage „Adaptiv“

Initially presented as a feature of the CV90120 in 2011, the adaptive camouflage is an outer shell consisting of many small light alloy tiles. Connected to semi-conductors, these tiles can instantly be heated up or cooled down and together with the electro-optical sensor change the infrared shape of the vehicle. 

In doing so, the vehicle might merge with its surroundings or appear as a harmless personal car – an immense strategic advantage that could also be adapted to aircrafts or ships.