The CV90 has been designed with a clear vision: 

to create a vehicle that provides high tactical and strategic mobility, air defence, anti-tank capability, high survivability and protection in any terrain or tactical environment.

3 Million Kilometers Covered

7 User Nations

4.5 Millions R & D-Hours Invested

15 Different Variants In Service

 1,280 Vehicles Sold

70,000 Combat Days

Being produced in the 4th generation by now, the ever evolving CV90-platform in its most recent version offers to its users an unrivaled capability and growth potential – there has never been any comparable platform with such a flexibility and this amount unallocated of payload before.

Proudly, one looks back on the successful history that began with the serial production of the initial CV90 MkI (CV = Combat Vehicle, in Sweden also called “Stridsfordon”) in the 1990s and that has been lasting already for decades now. Already at that time, “strong, agile, evolutionary” were important guide words. 

Today’s CV90 MkIV packages these factors into one vehicle that is the world’s most modern platform in the 25 – 40 ton class. It combines the agility and unmatched range of its predecessors with a modular protection design that empowers demanding requirements for survivability and also the “train low” ability.

Supplemented with a new drive train consisting of a 620 kW Scania DP-diesel engine and a Caterpillar X-300 HD transmission which adapts to the effective vehicle weight, the CV90 MkIV ensures a low cost to operate and an ease of the logistic support.


Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

37 t, up to 18 t of payload

Active Vehicle Dynamics: 

as standard

  • reduce pitch and yaw acceleration

  • reduce crew and squad fatigue

  • improve on-the-move hit probability

Electronic Architecture: 

4th generation

 • more computing power

 • NGVA-compliant


 • “Digital D”-series (30 / 40 mm, 35 / 50 mm)

 • optional: 30 / 40 mm, unmanned

Active Protection System: 

 • against e. g. ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missile)

 • supported with iFighting®-features such as

o    Augmented reality

o    3D-maps

o    BattleView360®


A family of specialists – the CV90 offers a wide variety of variants for every specific mission and customer requirement. 

CV90120 – equipped with sensor-based protection

Equipped with a modern 120 mm anti-tank gun – the Rheinmetall 120 LLR L47 – this variant of the CV90 offers the maneuverability and agility of an IFV but matches the firepower of main battle tanks. Fitted with the “Adaptiv” camouflage, the vehicle may even become “invisible” in the event of a threat. 

CV90 IFV-variants – ready for any mission 

CV9030 – equipped with a 30 mm Bushmaster II cannon and an add-on armor kit

CV9035 – designed for performance in the toughest terrain, this variant is equipped with a Bushmaster III cannon (35 mm) and a commander’s independent hunter-killer sight

CV9040 – Sweden’s main battle features a 40 mm Bofors cannon and a stabilized turret

CV90 Armadillo – the latest platform in the CV90-family

The CV90 Armadillo represents a vehicle concept without turret. It is more of highly flexible vehicle system which can be adapted to any mission requirements with its modular design, making it a troop carrier, ambulance vehicle, command and control post, recovery vehicle or any other non-turreted variant. All this without having to renounce highest protection standards against e. g. mine blasts or state-of-the-art technologies. 

CV90 Mjölner – the hammer in the hand of the military user

In the Norse mythology, “Mjölner” was describing Thor’s hammer which was depicted as one of the most fearsome weapons, capable of leveling mountains. Referring to the CV90, “Mjölner” is a twin-barrel 120 mm mortar system implemented on a turret. With an elevation from 45 to 85 degress, targets can be effectively engaged over a wide range of distances.