Band|vagn, noun

High-mobility all-terrain-vehicle developed and produced by Swedish company Hägglunds, often abbreviated with “Bv“. 

The BvS10 is the most modern ATV ; the BEOWULF brings mobility to the next level ; the Bandvagn can drive where other vehicles would surrender


A proven workhorse in battle situations, the BvS10 armored all-terrain vehicle provides the perfect combination of mobility, payload and protection.

7.0 Tons Max. Payload

100 Percent Climbing Ability

600 Units Sold

970  Newton Meters Torque

24/7 Usage

With its ability to rapidly cross terrain that would hinder other vehicles, the BvS10 delivers the crucial advantage in any theatre of operation. Currently being manufactured in its third generation, internally MkIIb, the vehicle impressively shows its strengths resulting from 40 years of experience in the development and production of all-terrain-vehicles. Pairing an extremely high mobility with a payload of up to 7 tons while offering an excellent range capability, the BvS10 is one of the best vehicles in its class. 

With a modular add-on armor system the vehicle is also protecting the crew and passengers from mine blasts, IEDs, small fire arms and artillery attacks. 

In order to meet the high tactical requirements the BvS10, compared to its predecessors, is designed with a spacious cabin volume that can be adapted to the specific mission requirements via the implemented C-rail system. This enables the user to be highly flexible in any tactical manoeuvre – and results in a broad variety of variants that is typical for the Bandvagn-series. 

And having performed in large number of demanding operations all over the globe the BvS10 underpins: It is the vehicle that never stops.

BvS10 MkIIb

Gross Vehicle Weight:
15,5 t, up to 7,0 t of payload


• Gap crossing > 2 m

• Step climbing > 1,0 m, 0,6 m with active

   pitch function

• Static max. gant > 35°

• Turning circle 14 m, 11 m with active

   pitch function


• Cummins diesel engine
6,7 Liter inline-6-cylinder

• Allison automatic gearbox


• Max. speed 70 km/h

• Reverse 10 km/h

• Water speed 4 km/h

• Range up to 500 km

• Operating temperature -46°C to 49°C

BvS10 Variants

A broad variety of vehicle variants has been designed in close cooperation with the customer to enhance a quick conversion to mission specific requirements. This includes, amongst others, vehicles for the following operations: 

     • Armored troop carrier

     • Logistics / flatbed

     • “Arthur” radar system

     • Repair and recovery

     • Mortar platform

     • Ambulance


 BEOWULF [ˈbāəˌwo͝olf]
Old English legend telling the story of the Scandinavian hero Beowulf. According to the legend, he would travel immense distances to prove his worth against nemeses.

After 40 years and more than 12 000 produced units, it is time to close the circle that began with the production of the first Bv206 and continue the track record – with the BvS10 BEOWULF. In its unprotected, basic variant the vehicle constitutes a platform that combines the best from its ancestors Bv206 and Bv206 S as well as from the BvS10, making it the ideal basis for operating in fire and rescue, disaster relief or even military services. 

At the same time, not a single detail is a coincidence but the smart solution resulting from 40 years of experience in the development of all-terrain-vehicles. 

Based on the drivetrain of the protected BvS10 the BEOWULF offers an unrivaled payload reserve of up to 8 tons which can be used efficiently and flexibly with mission modules, such as rescue kit, fire extinguishing media or ambulance cabin. The ergonomically designed vehicle interior offers a spacious cabin that can accommodate personnel from 5th to 95th percentile. 

Equipped with a powerful drive train the vehicle always has a sufficient performance reserve to traverse any rough terrain that any other vehicle cannot – up to a range of 1 000 km. This makes the BvS10 BEOWULF the ATV that redefines the boundaries of mobility.







Outstanding in all environments

Up to 14 personnel, up to 8 t
payload at 65 km/h

Engineered for 24/7 operations

All conditions, worldwide

Engineered for low cost of ownership

Without preparation


The BEOWULF can travel long distances on its own but also can be transported further by sea and air with standards means. 


  • C-130 Hercules

  • A400M

  • C-17 Globemaster

  • KC 390

with split vehicle sections

  • AW101 Merlin

  • CH47 Chinook

  • CH53 Sea Stallion


  • Landing craft

  • RoRo ferries


  • Low-bed trucks

  • Trains

The BvS10 BEOWULF fits into a regular 40‘ ISO-container for the standardized transport by sea, land or air.

The all-rounder amongst the all-terrain-vehicles – with the Bv206 S, mobility and protection are put into a flexible package.

Bv206 S

-32 Degrees Aemperature

1.66 N/cm² Ground Pressure

130 Kilowatt Engine Power

300 Kilometers Operation Range

1,700 mm  Gab Crossing Ability

We are in the middle of the 1990s and turbulence is constantly growing in the world. Many trouble spots around the globe make the focus of military vehicle development shift towards one important point that is not covered by the Bv206: the protection of the crew. This marks the beginning of the Bv206 S. 

Designed with a low silhouette (for the air-transportability) and an armored outer shell it offers the same performance as its unprotected predecessor. Even despite the increased gross vehicle weight it is fully amphibious. 

Successfully introduced in the armies of Sweden, France, Italy, Germany and Spain, the Bv206 S finds its use in various variants. While Bundeswehr is using the 189 vehicles as troop carrier, ambulance and command and control vehicles while France for example also implemented logistic vehicles with a load change module on the rear car. 

No matter what variant, the Bv206 S has an armored body which is prepared for the installation of add-on armor and mine protection, as well as implementation of weapons for self-defense. A real all-rounder!

Bv206 S


  • Length 6 920 mm

  • Width 2 000 mm

  • Height 2 000 mm

  • Rubber track width 620 mm

  • Track gauge 1 380 mm

  • Ground clearance 300 mm


  • Steyr diesel engine
3,2 Liter inline-6-cylinder

  • Mercedes-Benz automatic gearbox


  • NBC system

  • MG up to Kal. 12.7 mm

  • Smoke launching device


Wo immer andere Fahrzeuge an ihre Grenzen stoßen 

– dort beginnt das Einsatzgebiet des Bv206.

0.2 Meter max. Yield Depth

6 Zylinder Turbocharged Engine

52 km/h Max. Speed

620 Millimeter Rubber Track With

2,500 Kilogramm Towed Load

The Bv206 is the corner stone of a track record and trailblazer for a sophisticated technology which still today, in a further developed form, finds its use in the present vehicle series. Often also called Bv206 D, it all started with a petrol engine but indeed most of the produced vehicles were delivered with a Diesel engine.
Originally, the vehicle with a light GRP-body was developed for the military use but soon also non-military customers took a great interest it. Fire fighting departments, rescue services, coastal protection, energy suppliers and many others – all of them were convinced of the highly mobile concept and over 50 different variants, partly custom-tailored, came into production. 

In the early 2000s the production of the Bv206 was stopped after delivering approximately 11 000 vehicles – truly a milestone in a track record that today is being pursued with the development and production of the Bv206 S and its “bigger brother” BvS10. Still, the interest in the so called “plastic Bandvagn” is unbroken on the pre-owned market and many vehicles are modernized with up-to-date power packs or other components and brought back into terrain.

And so it might be that the warden of the alpine hut you are staying picks you up in a Bandvagn – because where roads end…

Bv206 D

Crew Cabin

Gross vehicle weight:
6,74 t, up to 2,25 t payload

Load capacity: 

  • Front cabin

     o 5 + 1 persons

     o 610 kg payload

     o 2.5 m³ loading space

  • Rear cabin

     o 11 persons

     o 1,440 kg payload

     o 200 kg roof load

     o 5.5 m³ loading space


  • Mercedes-Benz diesel engine
3.0 Liter inline-6-cylinder

  • Mercedes-Benz automatic gearbox


  • Glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) in      sandwich construction method